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"The Medcannbiz conference was non-stop information sharing and a perfect opportunity to network.  The speakers were experienced serious professionals offering practical advise."

Terrance W. Gainer
Chief Security Officer, GTI-Maryland

"As the longest surviving of the final two Federal Medical Cannabis patients in the United States, I have helped pioneer this nation’s Medical Marijuana movement. Since 1982, when I started being supplied 10 Cannabis cigarettes per day I have tried to educate everyone about the benefits of the medicine. I have spoken at dozens of educational seminars and the first seminar by the Puerto Rico Medcann Biz was one of the finest and well run seminars that I ever had the pleasure to attend and speak. 
The educational information was extensive and well designed. It was well worth the time and money. A great way to learn how to get into the business  and learn the ins and outs. Also check out my book “My Medicine” which is a great educational tool which is available on Kindle and at"

Irvin Rosenfeld
Newbridge Securities Corp. 




"MedCann had the most professional medical, political, and scientific experts at any cannabis conference I've had the privilege of speaking at."

Scott Giannotti
Founder Cannabis and Hemp Association

"The MedCann Event in Puerto Rico was not only beautiful but very insightful. They really catered to the needs of the local community while embracing the entire international industry. Speakers along with product and governmental representatives were plentiful during the event and if you are thinking about getting involved in the MMJ industry in Puerto Rico, you better not miss the next one!

Plus the women at PRMedcann are Beautiful!! ;-)"

Todd Denkin
CEO Digipath, Inc.


Todd Denkin



"The professional leadership of the team from PRMedCannBiz has launched the Cannabis industry in the island of Puerto Rico in style.

The event shows the level of commitment that the islands has towards the business of medical cannabis.  Having brought to the island such speakers that are international recognized brought seriousness to the issue of having patients receive medicine in the appropriate way.  The event showed to the government that the industry will be run by professional business men and women looking to become leaders in the industry as a whole and not limited to the island.  With the potential of clinical trials and major research, the island is set to become a leader in the United States.

 If only other states would take example of what the island of Puerto Rico has accomplished by way of PRmedcannbiz."

Michael Feldenkrais
President Can It Industries




Medical Cannabis
Puerto Rico

An interdisciplinary event will be assembled to discuss all aspects of the medical cannabis industry laying the groundwork for a new era.

Conference participants will gain valuable knowledge in global practices in the business, real estate opportunities, technology, science, research, laws and regulations of medical marijuana.

The conference is targeted to those looking to enter the industry and those who wish to learn about the medical properties and benefits of cannabis treatment.




The Medical Cannabis Event will present a wide scope of business model possibilities for Puerto Rico and other jurisdictions. By gathering local and international professionals in the Medical Cannabis industry this event will provide the participants knowledge and networking experiences that will address: licensed producers, government and regulatory issues, industry consultants, quality control professionals, medical practitioners, supplies for medical marijuana growers, MM dispensaries, facility engineers, calibration and validation professionals, real estate professionals and medical cannabis growers, among others.

Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Scope


A broad range of conferences with local and internationally renown speakers from the medical cannabis industry


A comprehensive discussion panel that will consist of high profile speakers from the medical cannabis industry


International vendors showcasing the latest products and services to meet the needs of the medical cannabis industry


Real patients will be sharing their chronicles and experiences regarding their treatment


The completion of the course will give you 8 hours credit of CME and a certificate which is a pre-requisite to be licensed to recommend medical Cannabis in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

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CannaWorks Institute is a Puerto Rican educational enterprise whose mission is to train and certify qualified people (through occupational licenses) to work in the rapidly growing industry of medical cannabis.

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